Before you grab your Iphone and make that do-it-yourself video keep a few things in mind –

Your brand is your currency. While you think you are saving a few bucks creating a video by yourself, is it really in the best interest of your brand to demonstrate to the world that you are willing to cut these corners?

DIY can kill your business unless you are trained in how to construct an effective story. Unless you’ve been trained in the elements of how a well written story is structure, you can be hurting your brand more than you help it.

Putting out a professional looking video is not the issue. Its about structure and psychology of creating an effective story.

Years ago Apple created an amazing new computer that could set type and provide great layout capabilities. Unfortunately, that lead to a huge amount of poorly compiled content because anyone could get the tools. Just because the world has access to the tools, doesn’t make you a craftsman; no more than having a hammer makes you a carpenter.


Since this blog was actually a test when we launched the new site, I have put a little meat on the bones to the one sentence that was here and will create a detailed blog on why and how to create an effective video very soon.