The idea of having your dream customer is starting to float around the business community now. I’ve written about it for a some time, but it seems to be catching on. Since we talk about it in one of our books Brand.gineering: A 14-Step Powerful & Profitable Brand Development Blueprint for the Digital Marketing Age, it’s a great subject for a blog.

Many companies will take any customer that darkens their door. In my early years in sales, my boss told me to take all business, even if it was small and painful. But the outcome I saw from that was that the small customers were harming the business. You should have customers that build up your business as much as you are building theirs; those are customers that take your expert advice, send you business, or pay more than the amount of the invoice; if you enjoy customers that don’t pay on time or complain no matter how amazing your work is, then keep taking anyone that walks through the door. Consciously design your business/brand so that the customers walking through your door are your dream customers. If you are a rock star at what you do, you don’t need to settle for anything less.

1) Know What You Want With Great Intention

Your thoughts about the customers you want to attract to your business are some of the most powerful thoughts you can have. Are they poor or wealthy? Do they ask smart questions, think like a winner or add value to your business? Who is your dream customer? Journal about your ideal customer with positive intention and focus on what you want in a dream. Avoid terms that tell what you don’t want. When you go to a restaurant, you tell the waiter what you want, not a list of all the items on the menu you don’t want.

2) See The Finished Masterpiece Before You

You have your journal and description. Be in a place where you will not be disturbed. Turn on music that inspires you. Stand and experience before you your dream customer: see that amazing dream customer as a finished masterpiece. You want to see, feel and behave with great emotion that outcome as if it were already in existence. Sounds like hocus pocus, but it works. Its not positive thinking; positive thinking is wishing that is easily destroyed when you hit your first challenge of the day. This is a full mind-body engagement. See the masterpiece as completed, BUT with explosive positive emotion. I know you probably can get really mad, have that same emotion in the opposite, positive direction when thinking about your dream customer.

This is 30 minutes of your day, no less.


When I went to film school one of my favorite instructors was a stable film director for Walt Disney. He explained that Walt had all the films fully in his mind, as if it were completed. When he got the script and storyboard from Walt, it was already done and all he needed to do as the director was assemble the vision.

I know there a lot of you concrete thinkers out there that will dismiss what I say. However, you are a result today of your thoughts yesterday and your thoughts years ago. Who you are today, mentally existed within your thoughts five or more years ago.

Successful people put themselves in the future as if it were today. They know what their business in 2021 looks like today – they smell it, feel it, taste it and experience business 2021 with great energy and intention.

Get started!

The second part of this series explains what to do when someone other than the dream customer walks into your business and the world appears to implode.