Brand.gineering is an international media and marketing firm. We use technologies and systems that will blow your mind in partnership with the top media organizations in the world. We produce marketing content for leading brands and emerging companies. In the old world you might have called us an advertising agency, but advertising is dead. We produce immersive marketing story-worlds – far beyond what anyone has imagined in the area of content marketing. A new day has dawned.


At Brand.gineering we design immersive story experiences that live on multiple platforms. The user experience uses all mediums. That means web, mobile, print, live events, film or video and gaming. Our focus is always on the customer-user.  This is a highly creative and artistic position and three act/dramatic storytelling experience is essential.

The Video Producer/Director/Videographer will be expected to work under the guidance of a Creative Director to produce marketing or lifestyle content with our customers in the Austin/San Antonio/Houston Texas area, this may include occasional productions in Dallas.


The ability to craft a story with the proper “Three Act” or dramatic structure is essential to our process. Even documentary or marketing content, done well, has this structure. You need to be able to extract those highly emotional stories out of a situation, even if it is an oil rig or trucking company.

You will be proficient in HD video production, sourcy lighting that looks authentic or more dramatic if the situation requires, know how to use images to tell a story. You must also have excellent field audio skills.

You must go beyond being creative. We are not normal. Normal is boring. While all that stuff about teamwork, problem solving, collaboration and communication is great – our expectation is for you to be a mold breaker, not mold maker. You should be thinking ten or more years into the future in the area of interactive story world creation and development.


  • Execute visual design as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Disruptive design leadership!
  • Worship and love our clients. Essential!
  • Live and breath our client’s brand(s)
  • Produce/direct/shoot and possibly edit film and video.
  • Performing other duties as assigned

QUASI-REQUIRED EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS (Take a shot, we are open to various mixes in experience).

  • Degree, education or insanely great real world experience in film or video.
  • Screenwriting and story structure.
  • Work independently or with one of our creative directors.
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting in a highly dramatic, story driven environment.
  • Directing clients/amateurs and professionals
  • Strong abilities in the areas of concept, visual design and communication.
  • Exceptional design skills, production value and attention to detail
  • Ability to make professional work look authentic and not slick or polished.
  • Professional cameras, lighting and grip equipment. Slider and jib would be nice.
  • Strong lighting skills and field audio skills are a must.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

PREFERRED ADDITIONAL SKILLS (It would be nice, but a good overall design background is more important)

  • Motion graphics design and production
  • Video and Sound editing
  • Bachelor’s degree  or trade school experience in film.


  • Some travel is required.
  • Portfolio to accompany resume.
  • Background check and reference checks may be required for some clients.
  • You will be required to sign an NDA and non-compete.

Note: The job title, desired skills and essential job functions for this position are subject to change.

Email Inquiries to: chartman@brandgineering.org