Your Team

Everyone is on Your Team!

Everyone, from the top down is here for you and for your success; that includes marketing strategy, creative and execution teams are here to make and keep you a winner!

Carl Hartman – President & Creative Director

President & CEO, Carl Hartman is an experienced leader in arts and media, branding and communications, bringing a unique perspective to the public business media arena. His extensive background as a senior executive at a major broadcast network, writer, director, and producer for film, television, print and interactive media provide the ultimate foundational perspective for a marketing and advertising leader. Dramatic theatrical filmmaking, and its theoretical basis, is the framework on which many current industries such as advertising and public relations rely. Ultimately, his work is about developing media and communications strategies that make an emotional and personal connection to the audience and provide tangible business results. He is the best-selling author of Brandgineering: A 14-Step Powerful & Profitable Brand Development Blueprint for the Digital Marketing Age, a fusion of cinema, human-computer interaction, education, advertising and public relations theory and practice.

Patrick Reynolds – Client Services

Mr. Reynolds is a highly motivated entrepreneur with a long standing successful career in professional basketball, a leader and high achiever, excellent team player with strong sense of responsibility and work ethics, a humanitarian who sets other people’s interest first. Mr. Reynolds has demonstrated throughout his professional career the value of sharing his achievements with those who can participate and take an active role in his relentless work of improving upon the human condition and strive for the greater good of mankind. Before entering the business arena Mr. Reynolds played professional basketball in the US (Portland Trailblazers) & Brazil, and served as one of the coaches for the Brazilian Olympic team for almost 8 years. As a recognized champion on the basketball court, he brings that same intensity to his work serving our customers.

Kenneth Brokamp – Chief Operating Officer

Ken is a motivated, affable business professional on functional and corporate levels. Strong individual and team building skills. Flexible, diplomatic, and yet directive in management style. Strong oral and written skills; work independently and within a team-oriented atmosphere; committed to excellence demonstrated by hard work, competence, and a strong will to succeed. Ken’s extensive experience includes CEO of Central Coast Zoo Society, Director of Sales for Q-Base and Executive Vice-President, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, among many others.

Doug Stanley – Television & Branded Entertainment

Doug Stanley, CEO and Executive Producer of Ridgeline Entertainment has worked for last 25 years in mainstream television.  Today, he is best known for his seven years of story telling as an original and seven-year producer of Discovery Channel’s global HIT show “Deadliest Catch,”, which now airs in over 200 countries in 45 languages.  In addition, Doug has also acted as producer of a host of other top shows for Discovery Channel, Fox, NBC, Animal Planet and Country Music Television, and been directly involved in the production and delivery of over 400 hours of primetime television.