Your Solutions

Our clients are experts in their core discipline; the challenges that face most business owners is the actual functional operation of their business.

While we may see a doctor when we step on a nail, few of us want the doctor to also be telling us we need to lose a few pounds; our first reaction is to solve the area of greatest pain…the nail…and the few extra pounds can wait. However, that weight problem is probably more dangerous to our health than the nail in our foot.

Business owners and managers often chase their immediate problems, busy working with customers and putting out fires; rarely do they address the true problems of the business that are keeping them from that success and profitability they desired when they started. Most of these businesses hit a point of stagnation because they are fighting the daily battles. Stagnation is death to a business.

Our holistic approach to business growth brings you a group of experts rather than one single coach. We employ a group of business executives, leaders, trainers, financial experts, business systems and process engineers, and marketing gurus along with industry specific experts.

Imagine growing a business quickly…almost overnight…and being the master of all that is needed to operate a business profitably…getting everything needed: skills, tools, and the mindset to drive the business forward quickly…and its guaranteed! That’s what we do!

Business Growth & Planning

Many elements influence your growth and we normally start with creating a powerful blueprint or strategy and work side-by-side with you to implement that strategy.

  • Business Systems, Methods, Analytics & Processes
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Executive Team & Leadership Growth
  • Staffing and Group Dynamics
  • Finance, Financial Management and Funding
  • Core Business Planning and Execution
  • On-site implementation

While we believe that your marking and lead generation are critical to business growth, we often work with the existing media vendors in implementing a new strategy. Rarely is marketing the problem…a new brochure or video rarely solves your revenue problems. When your business is running well, the marketing functions at its highest level.

Creative Media

We see creative as a key element in the customer experience, where your ideal customer is fully engaged in authentic interactions that build a high level of trust. Your ideal customer should be attracted to your own network or channel, connecting to the lifestyle of your brand; even if your brand is a nut, steal girder, or widget.

  • Print
  • Interactive
  • Video Marketing
  • Broadcast Television
  • Lifestyle Marketing
  • Internet & Mobile
  • Radio
  • Emerging Media
  • Branded Content

Creative Experiences

You touch your customer’s life in many ways before, during and after the sale. Why not make that experience amazing and memorable in the best possible way?

  • Events & High Touch Interactions
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Ad Specialties
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Concerts and Corporate Events
  • Theme Experiences & Virtual Reality
  • Customer and Community Relations
  • Public Relations

Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation

Most businesses need qualified leads now; that requires a larger approach than depending on a web site or brochures to generate interest. The bulk of sales, almost 90%, are still based on direct contact and relationships.

  • Inbound & Outbound Telephony / Call Centers (Personnel, Hardware, & Software)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Team Training and Integration
  • Inbound Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Internet Marketing and Optimization
  • Direct Sales
  • Consumer/Retail Sales Team Coordination & Training